The Beauty of a Life with Rhythms

Far from limiting life, you may be surprised to find that adding guidelines and structures of rhythms will expand your life for greater joy.

Guest post by Ashley Parizek.

You don't have to feel weird and guilty about doing the things you love when you have guardrails in place for how you spend your time. Practicing healthy rhythms permits you to enjoy life and cuts off that incessant voice of missing out.

For example! Just because parents make some guidelines regarding dessert doesn't mean children feel guilt and shame every time they eat dessert. A child knows that "dessert is for after dinner" or "on the weekends," so sweet treats are enjoyed and savored at that time. The weekly rhythm allows the child to enjoy what they love rather than feel guilty every time they want or eat dessert. Of course, there will be times when the child wants a treat outside the rhythm, and that's okay. However, the parents will try to keep on track (or get back on track) because that is best for cultivating a healthy, self-controlled adult one day. 

Deciding to create certain rhythms in your life is not about punishing yourself or placing a long list of "to-do's" onto your schedule. It's about mapping out your day so you can enjoy the things you love and be at peace in your soul as you grow in holiness.

The beauty of the Lord is holiness. A beautiful life looks like holiness. And who doesn't want a full, beautiful life?!

Implementing some healthy rhythms will ultimately bring peace to your soul and allow you to open up more fully in your relationship with Jesus. When you love yourself and your choices, you are free to love others, including God. Isn't it interesting that when we feel insecure or guilty, it feels like hitting a brick wall when we pray? Until we admit it. Then, we are invited to change course and enjoy life in all its fullness!

Steps To Enjoying Life:

1. Admit it!

What rhythms need to be in place for you? What activities do you need to say "NO" to (limit frequency)? Say "YES" to?

2. Get specific and write them down.

Put them in your calendar. Talk with close friends about your rhythms.

3. Don't be too hard on yourself. However, don't let yourself off the hook.

Be honest and gracious. Repent and accept that you are forgiven and fully loved before you lifted one finger today. You are experiencing the amazing gift of grace. Relish in how good it is and get back on track! You know you want to!

4. Repeat!

Life is a journey made up of a bunch of days that are themselves a journey. If you are alive, it should look something like this:

Trial, Error... Trial, Success! Trial, Error... Trial, Success! Trial...

Fenelon gives us great advice in his book The Seeking Heart - "Don't be depressed when you fail. Just pick yourself up and start all over again. God has a lot of patience with you - learn to have patience with yourself." Just keep going, keep trying. That's all you have to do. "Say NO" to the guilt trip and "YES" to enjoying your life!